TFU Goes Camping with Dirtybird.

Yeah we know the other articles have been out for a while now, but this is TFU, and we don’t care about first. We care about the fucking underground. Now that we’ve gotten that cleared up, we wanted to talk about how we went camping last month with the Dirtybird Fam for their East Coast Campout debut, and it was pretty much everything that our kot blessit underground dance culture was founded on. A big TFU hats off to Counselor Claude and the DBC Gang, and all the awesome West Coasters who made the trek – for the love of the music.

“So, this one time at Dirtybird Camp…”

Despite some serious panic on Friday with the infamous “noise complaints” and almost imminent shut-down of the fest altogether, DB hustled hard to put out what could have been a big enough fire to make Smokey the Bear appear. In a recent email from the DB Fam (which confirmed our own theory) apparently the venue failed on the Thursday permit for the music, so that affected Friday and almost half of Saturday. Hey, new state, new relationships, shit happens. Through it all though, the campers, well, they didn’t miss a damn beat – literally. Renegade camp parties popped up as if on a secret schedule, and for the most part, saved everyone’s life on Friday and Saturday night in true righteous underground fashion, leaving a small percentage of Doug & Wendy Whiners to be shut down with pure love from the true heads in the groups after the weekend (when we all plugged ourselves back into The Matrix). We’ll touch more on what happens to humans when they’re not tethered to their phones for an entire weekend a little later, it’s time to tell the visual story.

All shots by Rikki Guns, owner at Cozmik Photography, gear: Nikon 35mm SLR and DSLR.

Guys & girls, respect the artist – lifting images isn’t cool, it’s stealing.

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What struck us throughout this entire experience was that we had to keep reminding ourselves that it was East Coast welcoming West Coast, but really it 100% felt like the opposite, and it was exactly those feels that we all needed here. And as for not having any wifi or network service? We thought it was the best (despite being unable to report live), everyone truly lived in the moment and actually connected on a conscious level. That’s underground as fuck. It needs to happen more.

TFU appreciates all of you. Thanks for waiting on us to get this out. (Our fam is small, but that’s changing soon.) The good shit is worth waiting for though, right?

A big shout out to our friends at ElektrikEventz for letting us tag along and capture as much loving campy deliciousness as we could on 2 days prep – special props to the “Bossman” DJ Earic Patten for his stellar work operating our “Eye of Ra.”  All photo credits go to our veteran ‘house photographer’ Rikki Guns at Cozmik Photography. If you want to use any of the images, just contact her, she’s a reasonable chick.

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