TFU Site Tweaks & Other Stuff

Over the past few months we at TFU have been working on some things, including our site. If you noticed, we’re doing some tweaking and revamping, but there’s still some things we need to noodle out. We’ve had to put some projects on hold, which bummed us out a bit, but they’re bubbling on the back burner and will be brought up to the front in due time. Thanks for keeping the faith – we have a small but super-dedicated team and everyone brings something special to the TFU table. They’re kicking ass with ideas, networking and bringing others slowly into the fold so TFU can continue to be YOUR #1 stop for all things Underground in the Flo.

Now, just because we’re in a little holding pattern currently, doesn’t mean YOU should be –

keep the whispers going. We have some serious underground colada brewing.

#UnderFlo #TFU